budboard is true to the spirit of the birth of modern tech.

We develop technologies for up and coming consumer industries and are the intersection between your brand and your operations, turning your internal data into a living expression of your brand identity that your customers can touch, interact with and learn from.

The Founding budboard Team

Joshua Mallett

Chief Executive Officer
Back-end developer who loves to create efficient and groundbreaking technologies.

Brett Schuster

Chief Creative Officer
I'm a designer who strives to create the best experiences on the web.

Antonio Gandara-Martinez

President, Chief Marketing Officer
I'm a marketing professional with a love of all things branding.

Logan Adams

Chief Development Officer
Front-end web developer who likes to make the product look as beautiful as the design.

Beautifully Enhancing
Storefront Interiors

budboard, LLC.
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Serving legal cannabis markets in the United States and Canada.
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