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Online Menus

The same budboard dispensary experience your customers love. Online. 24/7.
All of the advanced terpene and effect information from your in-store dispensary budboard system is now available anywhere your customers are with budboard online menus.

Online Menus designed for ease of use.

complete control over your online information

Updates from your in-store locations are automatically applied to your website menu. Online menus by budboard are designed to operate independently from POS systems when necessary to avoid glitches and data outages caused by many systems.
put yourself in the driver's seat
painless data management
all updates simultaneously pushed to all menu formats - in-store, online, and print

boost sales and awareness

budboard Sales clearly indicates sales and promotions in your online menu. Product highlights feature your top sellers, best rated products and more. Scheduled sales and promotions automatically update your online menus with recurring discount events.
automate recurring promotions with scheduled sales
boost product awareness with Product Highlights

features your customers actually want

Full terpene profiles, cannabinoid profiles, photos and anticipated effects are automatically arranged to be easy to understand by your customers. It's never been so easy to find exactly what you want at a dispensary!
show complete terpene, cannabinoid, and effect profiles on your website with the budboard ChromagraphTM
designed for ease of use and quick digestion
easy search and filtering functionality

Real-time website menus made easy.

Your customers deserve budboard.
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  • Automatically synced with your budboard inventory
  • Complete terpene and anticipated effects profiles with the budboard ChromagraphTM
  • Product promotion tools like automatic sales and product features
  • Easy integration - just copy and paste your integration code into your website
  • Standalone system eliminates POS headaches
  • Real-time Sold Out functionality never leaves your customers hanging
  • Complete control over inventory
  • User friendly design


Your customers are passionate about you and the plant.
Find out what they think so you can serve them better and extract more value.

Valuable insights at your fingertips.

gain insight on products and dispensary operations

your customers are passionate about cannabis and want to see you and the plant succeed. find out what they have to say about your products and your dispensary operations so you can ensure you're stocking and operating to blow your customers away.
collect reviews on individual products
collect reviews on multiple aspects of your dispensary
know what your customers think

easily collect valuable customer feedback

budboard Reviews are designed to make feedback easy. simply copy your budboard Reviews link for a product or your dispensary, and send it out as a part of your daily email newsletter or SMS campaign.
designed for ease of use
don't miss out on valuable feedback

simple dashboard for actionable insights

budboard Reviews are built directly into the Control App, with a dedicated dashboard that summarizes all of the data you've collected from your customers.
show complete terpene, cannabinoid, and effect profiles with the budboard Chromagraph

know exactly how to improve to extract more value

your customers know what's best, and they would love to tell you. acting on customer feedback gives you a great anchor point for making changes in inventory or operations to boost profits and supercharge customer satisfaction.
your customers will reward you for responding to their needs

Find out what your customers think.

Your customer satisfaction deserves budboard.
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