budboard is a dispensary menu management system that makes it easy for you to elevate your in-dispensary experience and keep your customers informed of your product offering
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In-Store, Print,
and Web

Manage all of your menu outlets with one simple dispensary menu management platform

It's easy.

Add products

Add products to your budboard library and menu. They stay in your budboard inventory for easy use.

Make ongoing changes

As products sell out or a new batch comes in, make changes directly in the control app.

We handle the rest

budboard updates your digital displays, website, and print menus in one step.
Terpene Profiles
Expected Effects
Six Cannabinoids
Flexible Price Tiers
High-Res Photos
Several Themes
Manage With
One-Click Availability
Product, Category or Global Discounts
Automatic Updating on Website and Print
"Sold Out" Markers
Any Device
Control App
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budboard is designed with your customers in mind

  • Contemporary design elevates your space
  • Easily readable, even at a distance
  • All of the data your customers need in one glance


Your brand is your most important asset. budboard makes it easy to fully customize your themes to fit your needs.
  • Select from a collection of themes to tailor your look
  • Change background colors and upload your logo
  • Choose from a selection of menu layouts to create the most efficient screen setup for your dispensary
  • Upload your product photos - no generic library photos here
  • New themes and layouts
  • Custom design available


budboard allows you to easily provide more information than ever before. Our control app makes it simple to display terpene profiles and treatable symptoms with only a few clicks. budboard accommodates all of the information your customers need.
  • Six cannabinoids and three pricing tiers
  • Display terpene profiles and treatable symptoms
  • New detailed terpene, symptom, and recreational effects features coming soon, including automatic symptom and effects detection using artifical intelligence
  • All changes are made in real-time, including your website, so your customers are immediately aware of a sold-out product or a new sale going active - no more waiting for manual updates that take forever

Designed for Success

We make it easy for you to elevate your dispensary’s customer experience. budboard seamlessly blends simplicity and power, giving anyone the ability to make the most of their dispensary data with ease.
  • Automation integrations with leading cannabis point of sale providers - automate your menu management process with automatic inventory synchronization with select partners
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce customer confusion and perceived wait times
  • Create a culture of education and informed decisions in your dispensary
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Control App

One system for all your menu needs
  • Designed for ease of use, our control app is intuitive and responsive
  • Update all aspects of your inventory and setup effortlessly
  • Access from any internet-enabled device
  • Controls all menu outlets simultaneously - no need to create separate menus for in-store, online, and print

Full Suite Management


Produce paper menus as fast as you can print them

  • Print menus directly from the control app using your active menu
  • Multiple print layouts and styles for you to choose from
  • Automatically formatted menus save managers hours per week


Update your website menu instantly - no web team needed

  • Compatible with most websites and CMS systems
  • Updates instantly, automatically
  • Displays the same amount of information as your in-store menus
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