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Novel Coronavirus brings a host of new obstacles for medical cannabis dispensaries.
budboard's tools make it easier to adapt.

It's important to keep your customers and employees safe.

The CDC has released COVID-Safe guidelines for businesses.
budboard's tools make it easier to comply.


The CDC recommends disposable single-use print menus for establishments that use printed menus to limit touch contact between customers


  • Easily create single-use menus automatically synced with your current inventory
  • Designed to look great with two layouts available
  • Create additional copies with one click
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The CDC recommends limiting capacity within retail establishments in order to reduce the spread of COVID

budboard Website Menus

  • Ease in-store traffic problems caused by reduced operating capacity
  • Easily allow your customers to browse your products online
  • Integrated into your website with complete control over availability, sold-out status, and more
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In-Store Digital Menus

  • Designed to be read clearly from a distance
  • No contact whatsoever when viewing a digital menu
  • Designed to convey more information than any other menu system, reducing employee interaction time answering questions
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We're here to help.

We're actively working with existing clients to create solutions that help keep customers safe in the new retail environment.

For full and up to date CDC Guidelines, click here.

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