Manually updating a Word document for your print menus is out.
Streamline your workflow and create better print menus.


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Easily print updated menus.
Simplify your day.

Printed menus made easy.

one-click printed menus

Make your print menus with one click. Your print menus format themselves based on what's currently on your menu. It couldn't be any easier.
print menus with one click
no manual formatting
just select your categories and go

multiple formats available

budboard Print comes with multiple formats to choose from. Select either a traditional list view, or print engaging full-color menus with images with the Tiles view. Either way, your print menus have never looked this good.
your print menus have never looked this good

more than names and prices

Gone are the days of basic, hard to update printed menus - with budboard Print, you can show cannabinoids, terpenes, and effects elegantly on your print menus.
more information, less effort

Stop Updating Word Docs.

Your workflow deserves budboard.
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  • Automatic formatting based on menu status
  • Multiple layouts available
  • On Sale and Sold Out functionality
  • Print menus with one click

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