Published on:
June 15, 2018
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June 15, 2018


Learn how to use budboard to display your active discounts

Using budboard Sales to Display Your Active Discounts

There are two ways to use sales in budboard as of this writing - per-product, and global.

Our product team is working hard to bring new sales functionality to our customers, including category-based sales, scheduled sales, and more.

Let's learn how to use per-product and global sales!

Per-Product Sales

Log in to the budboard control app and navigate to the product you wish to apply a sale to. Open that product by clicking on it.

In the "Pricing" section of the product, there is a switch titled "Sale." Flip it "On."

A set of form fields will appear. Here, you can select the value of the discount, either as a percentage of the original price or hard dollars off.

Save your changes after setting your desired sale value and you're off to the races on this product!

Global Sales

Global sales apply to all price tiers across all products.

To create a Global Sale, navigate to Settings > Menu in the Control app.

In the (Near) Future

We have received a bit of feedback from our customers regarding the limited nature of our current sale functionality. They're right. We're fixing that!

In the near future, you will be able to create sales based on product category in addition to individual products, with granularity down to each individual price tier. You will also be able to schedule automatically-recurring sales, and manage them more easily through a dedicated "Sales" panel.

Our goal is to never stop improving, so keep an eye out on the News feed for new release information and product updates.

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