Published on:
October 15, 2019
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October 15, 2019

Using The budboard Chromagraph™

Learn the theory behind the Chromagraph and how to use it to show more info.

The budboard Chromagraph™

The budboard Chromagraph™ is finally here - a new, revolutionary way to show your customers the information they need to easily make an informed purchase decision.

This article focuses on using the budboard Chromagraph™ - for more information on the philosophy of the Chromagraph™ and why we decided to create it, read our post about it here.

What is the Chromagraph™?

The Chromagraph™ is a new way to visually communicate a cannabis product's terpene profile. Using colors matched to terpenes, our system generates a Chromagraph™ for each product's terpene profile, as well as a list - a "key," if you will - below the Chromagraph™ color band that lists each terpene and its percentage content. Using the Chromagraph™, customers can quickly gauge which products contain which terpenes, and, in turn, which products they are more likely to enjoy over others.

Over time, customers will begin to learn which color patterns work best for them. Our hope is that the Chromagraph™ will help customers decide which products work best for them, and help them find those products with greater ease.

Updating to Use the Chromagraph™

As of our Fall Update 2019, the Chromagraph™ is available for use on your menus.

To use the Chromagraph™, you must first update your products' terpene profiles - our old data structure of ranking terpene content on a scale of one to five simply does not work for the Chromagraph™. Your effect data will remain and will be ported to the new slider format, but feel free to add more! We now support more than three effects, and we also added support for adult use-oriented effects in addition to the strictly medical effects we supported before.

To update your products' terpene and effect profiles, simply log in to the Control App and click on a product. Under this product's "Cannabinoids, Terpenes & Effects" tab, you'll see a message informing you about updating the product's terpene values. Click "Got it, let's switch this product!" 

The new cannabinoid, terpenes, and effects form will appear. Here, you'll be able to input all of your products' terpenes. Grab your lab results and get them in!

Your products' cannabinoid and effect values will be ported to the new format. Instead of a one to five ranking system, effect values are now based on a fluid slider that allows you finer control over the level of each effect.

Seamless Transition

Your menus will continue to look the same as they have until you update your products to support the new data format. As you update your products, those products that have been updated will transition to showing the Chromagraph™ on the menu. Don't feel pressured to update all of them at once - you can handle it as you go, doing a couple a day, or whatever works best for you.

However, certain data in products that haven't been updated will become unchangeable until you update the data. You'll still be able to update images, names, product types and detailed information, but you won't be able to change terpene, cannabinoid, or effect values.

What if I don't want to use the Chromagraph™?

That's fine - if you like depriving your customers of valuable information!

We kid, we kid.

If you don't want to use the Chromagraph™, simply go to Settings > Menu and scroll all the way down. There, you will find an option to select your Graph Style. Select "Basic," and scroll back up to click "Save Changes." Your menu will revert to showing graphs in the old-fashioned way.

New Products Collect All The Information Needed for Chromagraph™

All new products you add after the Fall Update 2019 will be in a Chromagraph™-ready format. Our "Add a Product" form has been updated to support the new terpene, cannabinoid, and effect collection method.

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