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We're budboard. We create industry-leading cannabis retail technology to help you help your customers.

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Chains and MSOs.

unparalleled brand recognition capabilities

Investing in your brand? Invest with budboard. Our in-house design team is comprised of experts skilled at producing show-stopping menu layouts powered by the budboard data infrastructure and totally customized to your brand. With budboard, anything is possible, and we're here to deliver.
near-infinite customization
create a completely tailored look with budboard Custom Design
reinforce and build your brand in your space

manage multiple locations with ease

budboard is specifically built to suit the needs of MSO’s and chain dispensaries. budboard is the best menu technology partner to efficiently manage product information at multiple dispensaries and fit the needs of your diverse customer base.
manage data at all locations with just a few clicks
one-click product rollout at all locations
industry leading customer support and training for your staff

deploy new locations effortlessly

Expanding your business is hard enough. We're here to make deploying new locations easier than ever. budboard's plug and play units are easy to set up - just give us a call and we'll ship them out.
plug and play
seamless deployment

...and more

budboard is built for today's chains and MSOs with their unique brand and data requirements in mind
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Unparalleled Branding Capabilities.

Investing in your brand? Invest with budboard. Our Custom Design services are here to help you build brand recognition and boost brand affinity.
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your brand, front and center

Your storefront is where your brand comes alive. Build a strong customer experience with budboard custom design. We work with your Marketing and Branding teams to make budboard software truly your own.
near-infinite customization
customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, layouts, and more

more than just names & pricing

budboard automatically generates the ChromagraphTM for all of your products - an informative and eye-catching graphic that gives your customers all that they need to know about your products in one quick glance.
full terpene profiles with the ChromagraphTM
full cannabinoid profiles
expected outcomes
product photos

personalization and sales boosting tools

budboard is built with powerful personalization and sales-boosting tools out of the box allowing you to deploy new promotions and re-arrange your screens anytime you'd like.
custom sorting
flexible categorization
discounts & promotion tools
custom media

one best-in-class Control App to command your data

the budboard Control App is designed for ease of use. We believe that managing your cannabis data should be intuitive. We've heard too many stories of dispensary managers spending more than an hour every day updating menus. Reclaim your time with budboard.
all updates simultaneously pushed to all menu formats - in-store, online, and print
painless data management across multiple dispensary locations

Digital Menus

Advanced in-store menus optionally designed to your brand specifications that give your customers exactly the information they want.
  • Easy to deploy
  • Custom branding and design available
  • Manage multiple locations with ease
  • More product info than any other system with the budboard ChromagraphTM
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Single Use Print Menus

Print on Demand menus that automatically design themselves based on your current inventory and scheduled sales and promotions.
  • Multiple formats that automatically design themselves
  • Easy compliance with CDC recommendations for single use menus
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Website Menus

Online menus that automatically update based on your budboard inventory and scheduled sales.
  • Online menus update themselves
  • Advanced terpene and effect data
  • The same budboard ChromagraphTM experience your customers have come to love, on your website, 24/7.
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