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Setup: budboard Print

Learn how to set up budboard Print for your account

Setup: BoardLink

Learn how to set up your boardlink unit

Using budboard

Using The budboard Chromagraph™

Learn the theory behind the Chromagraph™ and how to use it to show more info.

Using Product Highlights

Learn how to use product highlights to feature special products

Managing Multiple Locations

Learn how budboard is organized for multiple locations

Setting Screen Categories

Learn how to select what each screen shows

Using Layouts

Learn what budboard layouts are and how to use them to your advantage

Add Products to Your Database

Learn how to add products to your budboard database

Add Products to the Active Menu

Learn how to add products to your active menu

Changing Your Background Color Scheme

Learn how to change your menu's background colors


Learn how to change your menu theme to tailor your look


Learn how to use budboard to display your active discounts

budboard Web

Learn how to use the budboard Web Integration

budboard Print

Learn how to create print menus with budboard Print

Third Party Integrations

Baker Integration

Learn how to connect your Baker account to budboard to automatically update your menus


Troubleshooting BoardLink

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your BoardLink
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