An independent cannabis technology company built by patients, for patients.

Cannabis has changed so many lives for the better. That's why we do what we do.

budboard was founded with patients in mind.

We started with the needs of our co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Joshua Mallett.

Until the age of 17 Josh was a star athlete. Baseball was his life and he was even part of a team representing the United States in international competition at the Junior Olympics. Every moment outside of the classroom was dedicated to training and competition. He never imagined a future that didn’t include him attending university on a baseball scholarship and, once there, pushing his mind and body to the limit to have a shot at the professional leagues.

That was until one unfortunate day when he was struck by a wild pitch during a game and injured. Little did he know that a single impact injury, common in most sports, would be the beginning of a lifelong battle with neuropathic pain.

His injury in the game lead to increasing bouts of pain that grew to a consistent condition requiring Josh to visit the emergency room regularly with almost unbearable bouts of pain. The only tool that he and his doctors had to get his pain under control was opiate pain medication. Even worse, Josh had to abandon his lifelong love of playing baseball.
"I was completely at the mercy of pain pills to get through each day... until I discovered cannabis."
- Joshua Mallett, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder of budboard

Until Josh discovered cannabis.

It seemed like a ridiculous idea to him at first - cannabis as medicine? All he knew about cannabis was that other people he knew smoked occasionally, and cannabis consumers are often the butt of jokes on TV.

Desperate for anything that could provide relief and with nothing to lose, he decided to give it a try. The results were almost immediate. Far from turning him into the stereotype of a stoner burnout, with cannabis, Josh was finally able to focus again. That’s because he required less and less prescription painkillers to get through the day.

Josh joined the medical cannabis program in New Mexico after graduation.

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Endless options, little information...

With the help of a couple of friends he began to focus on his new passion - software development. When he wasn't programming, Josh began to visit medical dispensaries to shop for medication. At the dispensaries, he found that he had a new problem.

There were a LOT of options to choose from and very little information about the differences between them. As he tried different products, some seemed to help with his condition significantly more than others. Why was that the case? He couldn't figure out which products would help without purchasing and trying it blind.

There was no information to even begin establishing a pattern. That’s because most dispensaries only had simple information about their products - just a strain name and THC percentage.

Dispensaries just weren't communicating what's important.

What Josh did notice is that options with similar cannabinoids and full-plant terpene profiles tended to feel the same. He got together with a couple of his friends who he was working with on other programming jobs and they designed the first version of budboard to help patients like Josh learn the differences between chemical profiles and hopefully establish a pattern in which products are the best for their treatment without the painstaking trial and error.

Josh's experience is representative of so many cannabis consumers, and that's what inspires us to do the work we do. Cannabis is an incredibly powerful tool that, when used properly by an informed consumer, can change lives for the better.

Founded to help dispensaries improve the lives of their customers through cannabis

Our mission is to be a messenger of your brand, an ally of your budtenders,
and a trusted information source for your customers.

Founded in 2017.

Since 2017 the company has grown entirely on the profits from loyal customers. We’ve remained independent that entire time, growing based on word of mouth and never straying from our mission to help patients and customers find the best cannabis options for their own health. We’re still entirely owned and operated by the original team that launched the company back in 2017 and 50% of our leadership team is part of the medical cannabis program.
100% Independently Owned & Operated
50% of Leadership Part of Medical Cannabis Program
Committed to Improving Cannabis Experiences

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