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An interactive, AI-powered cannabis recommendation experience.

Mellowtron is your cannabis recommendation engine.

Want to take the guesswork out of cannabis? Need a better experience for your customers in your dispensary? Need higher customer retention and engagement? Mellowtron is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Oat Foundry’s custom analog technology shop created a mixing board that’s driven by budboard™'s industry-leading deep data that can categorize strains and products, ensuring the most consistent cannabis experience for the user.
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We made Mellowtron for exploration.

92% of cannabis customers want good product advice when they go into a dispensary.
Customers may be timid to try new things or explore.
Customers are afraid they won't feel how they want.
Mellowtron makes exploration inviting, and its powered by our proprietary machine learning system trained on data from dispensaries serving approximately 200,000 medical patients, so its always accurate in its recommendations.

How It Works.

Choose your mood by prioritizing 3 of 5 potential effects: Creative, Energizing, Calming, Uplifting, and Focus
Radio needles (and flaps!) react in real-time to reflect choices
LED lights lower and respond as priority points are applied to effects
Plugin the cable to select your product category preference
SYNTH button applies criteria to active store inventory, revealing recommendations on the impressive analog Split Flap display

A truly novel cannabis experience.

In a world surrounded by boring touchscreens, Mellowtron brings a whole new dimension of sensory stimulation to an intelligent, data-backed recommendation experience, ensuring your customers will never forget the unique experience they had at your dispensary.
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Ready for an unforgettable dispensary experience?

Mellowtron is available through the manufacturer, Oat Foundry.
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