AI Recommendation by budboard

The ultimate budtender’s tool for bespoke cannabis recommendations.

Every cannabis product is unique, every customer is unique. We help you make fast accurate recommendations for a great customer experience.

Bespoke Cannabis Recommendations in an Instant.

We’ve developed an advanced AI & machine learning algorithm specifically to match customers to their ideal cannabis product experience. Customers tell their preferences to a budtender, or enter them into a Recommendation-enabled tablet or kiosk. Our software identifies the best match based on the chemical profile of the product that is most likely to give them their ideal experience. Point of sale integrations ensure your customers only see products that are in stock.
Customer Retention
Creates Word of Mouth


Based on years of accumulated data.
Calculates accurate recommendations using product chemical profile data.
Machine learning specifically developed for cannabis recommendations.
Much more accurate than indica, hybrid, and sativa-based recommendations.


Nearly infinite AI Ganjier customer experiences available. Customizable, too.
Customers select exactly which types of products they want.
Supercharge your budtenders or have your customers interact directly.


Automatic inventory through POS integrations.
Available in your store or on your website.

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