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August 9, 2018
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August 9, 2018

Using Layouts

Learn what budboard layouts are and how to use them to your advantage

Using Layouts

Creatively using different layouts can help you create a next-level menu experience for your customers. In this article we will outline how to change your menu layouts and how to pair them together to create an unparalleled product information experience.

Baker integration customers: We have some special stuff for you when it comes to layouts - please see the end of this article for some information pertaining to you.

What are layouts?

Layouts allow you to choose what products show on what screen and in what way.

budboard has a few different layouts, meant to give you flexibility in setting up your menus to provide the most benefit to your customers in your particular dispensary. Some dispensaries have many screens and can afford to display full information slides on several screens; others may have one or two screens and need to show their customers as much about their inventory as possible. budboard allows any dispensary to configure their screens in the way that works best for them.

For example, one of our customers uses the Dual view in their waiting room in order to show both Flower and Concentrates on detailed slides, allowing their waiting customers to educate themselves on the available products while they wait. They then use a combination of Single views and Small Tiles in their sale rooms so customers can see a full list and a detailed reference of available products as they purchase.

As of this writing, budboard has three layout options available - Single, Dual, and Small Tiles. New layout options are in development as we speak, but for now we'll focus on just these three.

But first, a little layout theory

We encourage you to experiment with different budboard layouts to see what works best for your dispensary and your customers. We have found that it is best to use a combination of layouts if you have the screen space available.

By pairing multiple layouts, you are able to provide the most complete product information experience for your customers. Anticipating their needs at different places in your dispensary is helpful in determining which layout you should use in that space.

For example, customers in the waiting room have a few minutes before they are taken back into the sale space. In this space, your customer's priority is occupying wait time so they can get to the meat of why they're in your dispensary. By providing them with detailed information about your products using either the Single or Dual views, your customers have something to do while they wait that directly benefits them and reduces perceived wait times.

Once a customer moves into the sale room, their priorities change from occupying wait time to deciding on and purchasing product (hopefully they've already done a bit of deciding with budboard). In this space, detailed views for reference and overview list views are very helpful - a customer can get an idea for the full product range from the overview list view (Small Tiles) and reference the detailed view when they need more info about a product (Single).

Dispensaries with a limited amount of screen space can optimize their setup to maximize the effect of their displays. Small Tiles allows for education of your entire product line on one screen. Dual allows you to provide the important extra information this layout offers while still making it efficient for customers to absorb what's available.

These are just a couple of examples of how layouts can be used to improve your customer experience in your store. It's up to you to figure out what works best for you, your dispensary's setup and your customers - it may take a little bit of experimentation, but once you get it right, it'll be worth the effort.


The Single view allows you to feature your products in full detail. Large images and beautiful design showcase your product proudly, educating your customers in full.

budboard customers get many compliments on how nice the single view looks in their dispensaries. Their customers appreciate the detailed information, too. The Single view is an impressive way to display your products, and makes a lasting impression on your customers.

Older cannabis consumers also appreciate the single view because it allows them to read all of the details easily, even at a distance.

The Single view also includes a sidebar that shows the current slide's position in the entire list, giving your customers an easy way to keep track of what they have seen as well as see a complete list of what's available at a glance.


The Dual view allows for a similar level of detail to the Single view, but gives you the ability to display two categories of products at once. This is particularly useful if your dispensary is big on terpenes but short on screen space. It also works great for waiting areas. Plus, you can divide your flower stock by type,  high CBD/THC, pre-rolls, popcorn, etc., so you can group a few displays together for granular categorical display of your entire flower stock.

Small Tiles

The Small Tiles view allows for a less detailed overview of an entire category of stock. The Small Tiles view works great in a sale room to give your customers a quick overview of your product availability.

Small Tiles doesn't convey all the information budboard is designed to handle, so a lot of our customers pair the Small Tiles view with another display, usually set to Single. Small Tiles goes well alone, but works wonders when paired with another display.

New Layouts and Themes Always Coming

Our design and development team is constantly working on ways to improve and extend the functionality of budboard. Themes and layouts are centric to this constant evolution, and as such, we roll out new updates every quarter with new themes and layouts (though layouts come less frequently for the most part).

We also love your input! If you have an idea about something you think would be awesome, email us at

Changing Layouts in the control app

Changing layouts in the budboard control app is easy.

Simply navigate to Settings > Menu in the control app and use the inputs there to change your layout:

Baker Integration Customers

Your layouts have a couple of extra options, if you have In-State and Out of State or Medical and Recreational pricing configured in your Baker app. You will need to select which category of pricing you would like to display on a specific menu. This setting will need to be applied for each BoardLink. 

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