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The budboard Chromagraph™ - A New Way to Visually Communicate Whole-Product Profiles

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April 3, 2023
Brett Schuster

Visually Communicating the Information Your Customers Need

At budboard, we are committed to providing you with the tools your customers need to make an informed purchasing decision. The Chromagraph™ is the newest way to achieve just that.

What is the Chromagraph™?

The Chromagraph™ is a new way to visually communicate a cannabis product's terpene profile. Using colors matched to terpenes, our system generates a Chromagraph™ for each product's terpene profile, as well as a list - a "key," if you will - below the Chromagraph™ color band that lists each terpene and its percentage content. Using the Chromagraph™, customers can quickly gauge which products contain which terpenes, and, in turn, which products they are more likely to enjoy over others.

Over time, customers will begin to learn which color patterns work best for them. Our hope is that the Chromagraph™ will help customers decide which products work best for them, and help them find those products with greater ease.

Why Chromagraph™?

As research surrounding cannabis and its effects becomes more available, its clearer every day that the Entourage Effect is incredibly important for finding cannabis that works for individual people - both to minimize potential negative effects as well as maximize positive experiences.

Not everyone responds the same way to each cannabis product. The chemical composition beyond cannabinoids of the product plays an important role in the final experience. In our own research, and research of other credible groups, it is apparent that terpenes play a very important role in the Entourage Effect.

As the cannabis industry matures and customers figure out how to navigate the increasingly complex field of available cannabis products, we believe it is important for customers to have as much data as possible at their disposal.

Reputable players in the industry are already strong proponents of lab testing, which is great. Legitimate lab testing not only protects consumers from harmful contaminants like fungi, pesticides, and heavy metals - it also provides valuable insight into the chemical composition of the product itself, particularly for raw flower.

Insight into the chemical composition of the product is vital to determining how it will affect people. The Entourage Effect is a complicated system by which all chemicals present in the cannabis product play into how it feels when consumed.

No two strains are alike in their effects, despite sometimes having similar cannabinoid content, which further pushes the case for full-product chemical profiles as important to deciding which cannabis product to purchase as a consumer.

Our team wanted to give you the tools to better communicate the full chemical profile of your cannabis product so that consumers can make better purchasing decisions, ultimately leading to customers that are happier with your products and the service that you offer. The Chromagraph™ communicates this information without introducing unnecessary complexity.

By using a simple color system paired with actual content data and effect data, the Chromagraph™ provides a relatable system for customers to wrap their heads around as they experiment and gain familiarity with the wide variety of cannabis products available today.

Due to their importance, several of our customers have asked for a more comprehensive system for communicating terpene profiles than the simple five-point graph system we originally had available. The Chromagraph™ is our answer to our customers and the growing scientific evidence surrounding cannabis, combined with the need to create a relatable system for customers to use and understand.

The Future for Chromagraph™

The Chromagraph™ is just the first step in creating a better system for visual communication of whole-product chemical profiles and product effects. At this stage, we consider the Chromagraph™ the first step in our greater goal of creating a flexible visual system that helps customers choose products that work for them and simplify the process of choosing a cannabis product.

We plan on rolling out several tools with Chromagraph™ as a feature, including integrating it with automated educational material and print menus in the future.

We also plan on releasing supporting materials for your customers to use to get familiar with the Chromagraph™. Stay tuned for announcements regarding this.

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