Published on:
June 15, 2018
Last updated on:
June 13, 2018

Baker Integration

Learn how to connect your Baker account to budboard to automatically update your menus

Baker Integration Setup

Congratulations! You're using two of the best software products serving the cannabis space. You sure have good taste.

Your Baker integration will have been setup by our team on initial configuration, so there's no need to do anything on that front. However, there are a couple of Baker-specific settings we need to go over so you can properly set up your Baker-powered budboard menus.

Baker-Only Settings

Baker comes with a few additional categorization options, as shown below. Select the appropriate category for each display to properly show which products, where.

Baker Functionality

Since our Baker integration pulls directly from your Point of Sale, there are a few functionality items in budboard that are overridden by Baker.

These overridden functionalities include:

  • Product sales (markdowns come from Baker)
  • budboard categories (categories come from Baker)
  • Sold Out badges

What You Still Need to Do

budboard helps you display some data that Baker doesn't include in their product inventories, including "May Help With" and terpene profiles. You will still need to input this data into the budboard control app directly for each of your products.

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