Published on:
July 31, 2018
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July 31, 2018

budboard Print

Learn how to create print menus with budboard Print

budboard Print

budboard Print allows you to produce paper menus as fast as you can print them. Our intuitive user interface makes it quick and easy to print out paper menus for your customers.

Creating a print menu

Creating a print menu is super easy. Let's walk through it.

First, log in to the budboard control app and navigate to Print Menus using the main navigation bar.

Here, you will set up your print.

Configuring your print menu

In the Print Menus section of the budboard control app, use the buttons to configure your print, selecting which categories to show, layout, and page size. Preview your print in the preview shown in the control app.

At the time of this writing, one page layout and one page size are available - more layouts and page sizes are coming very soon, including card-based layouts with photo features.

Finish and print

After your print preview looks good, hit the "Print" button in the upper right hand corner. Your browser's print dialog box will open up.

Sometimes browser print dialog box settings are strange, so let's make sure that they're correct:

The main points to pay attention to here in your print settings are:

  • Margins - set to "None"
  • Color space - choose color or black and white based on your needs
  • Scale - 100%
  • Background graphics - make sure the "Background Graphics" option is set (if available), otherwise category labels and pricing items will lack their backgrounds


Once you're done confirming your print settings are configured properly, hit print! You're done!

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