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August 16, 2023
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August 16, 2023

Setup: BoardLink

Learn how to set up your boardlink unit

Setup!  🎊

Your new BoardLink units have arrived in the mail, and you're just a few easy steps away from beautiful, simple menus. We thank you kindly for choosing budboard as your service provider. 


Unbox Your BoardLink Units

Unbox your units, inspecting each one and ensuring there is no visible damage to the units themselves.

Your box will contain a slip detailing what's inside and the quantity of each item according to your order, so double check that sheet with the items you received and make sure everything is accounted for.

If there's a problem with your order or your BoardLink units, please submit a support ticket here.

Save the original packaging until you have successfully installed your BoardLink units.

For the steps here on out, we will be handling each BoardLink unit one at a time. This helps us keep our installation straight and gives us a clear path to get the hang of installing our BoardLinks.


Plug In Your BoardLink

Each unit requires one HDMI cable and one power supply, both of which are included in your budboard package.

It is generally best to install each BoardLink one at a time, so pick a unit and connect the HDMI cable to your HDMI input on your TV. Then, plug the power supply into a 120V wall plug, with the other end plugged into the BoardLink unit.

Allow your BoardLink to boot up until you see the BoardLink splash screen, then proceed to the next step.

Important notes:

  • The HDMI cable must be plugged in before the power cable in order for the BoardLink unit to recognize the proper display output on boot.
  • Some TVs may give you some trouble on boot; simply connect the included keyboard and make some mouse movements to help with this.


Configure Your BoardLink's Internet Connection

Connect the included wireless keyboard & mouse device - its receiver is under the battery panel on the back. Just plug that into any one of the USB ports on the BoardLink device.

After your BoardLink device has booted, it will begin looking for WiFi connections it knows. Since the BoardLink won't be able to find a network in your dispensary that it knows, you will need to click the WiFi icon at the top of the screen. Using the keyboard/mouse device, find your network and click "Properties." Enter your network's password in the box and click "Connect".

Your BoardLink will now attempt to connect to your network. If its connection is successful, you will see the WiFi icon at the top of the screen turn blue.

Reboot your BoardLink by unplugging it, waiting 20 seconds, and plugging it back in. You don't have to close the network manager before you reboot.

At this point, your BoardLink will boot, connect to your WiFi network automatically, and open the budboard menu application.

Important notes:

  • Some TVs may give you some trouble while the BoardLink is searching for networks it knows. Simply connect the included keyboard and make some mouse movements to help with this.

Your menu is now connected and ready to display your products!

If you have already populated your product database with your products, you will see them on your menus, provided you have added some of them to the active menu. More on that later.

If you haven't added products yet, proceed to Steps Three and Four before adding products, then we'll go ahead and add products after all of the BoardLinks are set up.


Configure Your BoardLink in the Control Application

Log in to the budboard control application using the account credentials you set up while ordering. Navigate to Settings > Menu. You will see all of your BoardLink units listed in this section.

Name the BoardLink menu you just set up in order to better keep track of it as you manage your menus throughout your budboard service. Click "Save Changes."

Your BoardLink defaults to the Single View, which cycles through large slides for each product with detailed information and photos. Feel free to change this screen's layout to something else for the time being to get a feel for what there is to offer. You'll likely go through a bit of experimentation to figure out what works best for you and your dispensary.

Read this article (Using Layouts) to learn more about using the available layouts to your advantage.



Repeat Steps One through Three for each BoardLink and TV in your budboard package. Be sure to name each one so that you will remember which one is which.


Add Products (If You Haven't Already)

In the budboard control application, add new products to your database by navigating to "Products" and clicking "Add Product." Fill out the form with the product's information and hit "Save."

If you're missing some information right now, that's no big deal - you can always go back later and add the missing information when it becomes available (although we must say budboard looks best when fully populated with data).

Don't Be Afraid To Have Fun With It

Our platform allows for a good amount of personalization out of the box. Take some time and play around with the menu settings to get a good feel for which layouts, color schemes and themes work best for you. You won't break anything, we promise!

Need help with setup? Submit a support ticket here.

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