Published on:
March 31, 2020
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March 31, 2020

Managing Multiple Locations

Learn how budboard is organized for multiple locations

Multiple locations in budboard

budboard is designed to make it easy to manage your menus at multiple locations. If you're an admin, or someone with an account assigned to multiple locations, you can easily switch between locations to manage all of your different locations' data.

But first, some data theory

budboard's data is structured so that dispensary brands can share a products library but locations can control availability and other location-specific information separately. This is designed for ease of management for dispensary brands with multiple locations, eliminating the need to enter duplicate products on a location-by-location, or even screen-by-screen basis.

Here's a breakdown of how data is split in budboard:

Global to all locations:

  • Top-level product data (names, photos, brand, etc.)
  • Appearance settings

Specific to locations, set at each location individually:

  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • Product Highlights
  • Product Description
  • Product availability (is it on the menu or not)
  • Product "Sold Out" status
  • Screen layout and category settings

Changing data or settings that are global to all locations will reflect at all locations. For example, changing a product's name while you're in one location will change that name at the location you're currently in AND at all other locations. Conversely, marking a product Sold Out or taking it off the menu entirely (or any other action that is location-specific) will only happen at the location you're currently in.

Knowing which location you're in

As an admin, its important to know which location you're currently set to modify. budboard is designed to make this easy - every page of the control app shows you which location you're editing.

To find out which location you're editing, just take a look at the top left corner of the Control App. Here, the location you're in is always showing:

Changing your location

Once you're done editing the menu at one location, changing the location you're in is easy. Simply click the "CHANGE" button next to the current location's name. A list of locations available to you will open - just click the location you're looking to switch to and you're off to the races.

Important notes

Keeping track of your current location is an important part of managing multiple locations in budboard - marking a product as Sold Out at the wrong location will make someone there say something! Get in the habit of keeping in mind the scope of the data you're editing, and what needs to happen where.

If you do end up making an erroneous change, no worries - with our real-time infrastructure, reverting changes is instant and easy.

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