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November 4, 2019
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October 16, 2019


Learn how to use budboard to display your active discounts

Using budboard Sales to Display Your Active Discounts

We made our Sales functionality more powerful!

Sales in budboard

There are currently two types of sales available - Scheduled or Toggle. Scheduled sales automatically turn on at a specific scheduled day, and Toggle sales turn on when you turn them on. Each of these types can be applied to either individual products or whole product categories.

Have an Edible Wednesday where all of your edibles are 25% off? Set up a Scheduled sale with a few clicks to automatically discount these items on the menu.

Need to create a sale that happens every once in a while but not on a specific schedule? Create a Toggle sale so you can easily apply the sale whenever you need to without having to set the details every time.

Using Sales

Log in to the budboard Control App and navigate to the Sales screen. Here you will see all of your existing sales:

From here, you can edit your existing sales, delete old ones, turn sales on and off, and add new sales.

Adding a New Sale

In the Sales screen, click the "Add a Sale" button in the top right. A New Sale form will open. Follow the steps to create a new sale.

First, you will select which products you want to affect - choose either to affect a whole category of products, or individual products. Depending on which you choose, the next step will either ask you to choose a product category to include, or to select all of the products you want this sale to affect.

After you choose which products you want to affect, you'll set up the actual details of your sale. Name it, and set the discount value. If you chose Scheduled Sale, choose which day (or days - you can select multiple) the sale should activate on (time-specific Scheduled Sales are coming soon).

The last step of the Sale creation process is to review what you've set up and save it!

Side Notes:

  • If you get a conflict notice like in the above GIF, it means that the sale you just created affects products that other sales also affect. Read the notice so you're aware of what conflicts with what, and publish your sale.
  • The system will remind you whenever you activate sales that conflict with each other.
  • budboard chooses which sale takes priority by assigning priority to the newest sale. So, if you have a sale you created a week ago, and you create a new one today that affects some of the same products, the one you created today will take precedence and apply its values to the affected products.

Turning Sales On

For Scheduled sales, as long as you want them to automatically apply, leave their switch set to "On." If you stop running the promotion the sale is for, simply turn it off. After that, you can delete it if you like.

Toggle sales are meant to make it convenient for you to store a specific sale that happens every once in a while, but not as frequently as promotions you'd use Scheduled Sales for. For these, simply turn them on whenever you need to and our system will handle the rest.

Sale Indicators on the Menu

budboard lets your customers know when your products are on sale by marking each affected product with a sale indicator.

Each product's price tiers are changed by the discount value dictated by the sale, so the price you see on the board after applying a sale to a product is that product's final price after discounts.

Thank You For Your Feedback

We received a bit of feedback from our customers regarding the limited nature of our old Sale functionality. They were right - it was clunky and unintuitive.

Our new Sales functionality comes from months of listening to feedback in the field and creating a completely new Sales experience from the ground up using your feedback as guidance. For that, we appreciate you.

There are still some things we're working on to make sales even better, like time-specific scheduled sales, so keep an eye out for these updates.

Our goal is to never stop improving, and we love to hear from our customers on what they think would work best for them. If you have any product feedback or suggestions, feel free to reach out to with your ideas - we always love hearing from you!

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