Published on:
November 18, 2022
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November 18, 2022

Setup: Treez Integration

Connect your Treez POS account to budboard

Set Up Your Treez Integration

In this support article, we will be going through the steps required to set up your Treez integration to manage product availability and other details automatically.

What You'll Need:

  • A valid Treez point of sale account
  • Your budboard login credentials

Estimated Time to Complete: 5 Minutes

Step 0: Follow the instructions provided by the budboard team to obtain your API key from Treez

During your account setup process, we will have walked you through obtaining your API key from Treez. If you did not receive this information, please email our team at

Step 1: Log in to your Treez account and the budboard Control App

On your Internet browser, open two tabs - use one to log in to Treez like you normally do and the other tab to log in to the budboard Control App.

Step 2: Navigate to Integration Configuration in Treez

Press the hamburger icon in the navigation bar...

...and click on "Configuration" in the menu that opens:

In the dropdown menu that opens, click "Config Page":

Then, click on "Integration" in the menu that opens on the left hand side:

Treez Integration menu item

...and click on "Webhook Integration":

Step 3: Create the budboard Integration

After clicking "Webhook Integration," scroll down to the end of your integrations list and click "Add Client" in the lower righthand corner:

Enter the information as shown in the following screenshot into the three fields in Treez, and click Save:

For reference, the information to be entered, from left to right, is as follows:

  • Integration Name: budboard_webhook
  • Webhook URL:
  • Integration type dropdown: Select "Product"

After entering the information, click "Save."

Step 4: Get the budboard_webhook API key for your integration and copy it to a safe place

Next to the budboard_webhook item you just created, click the three dots:

This will open a pane displaying the API Key for the budboard integration. Copy this key to a safe place using the "Copy" button for later use.

To reiterate, you will need this API key in coming steps. Please copy it to a safe place.

Step 5: Get the Treez URL slug for your Treez installation and copy it to a safe place

In your browser's address bar on your Treez tab, copy the value between "https://" and "" to a safe place.

For example, if your Treez address is, copy "dispensaryname" without any periods or slashes.

Step 6: Obtain Location Names from Treez and copy them to a safe place

Click the hamburger icon in the upper left hand corner to open the Treez navigation menu:

Click on Inventory:

Then, in the submenu, click Location Management:

Copy all of your Treez location names down for use in a later step. In the screenshot below, the location names that will be used are the ones highlighted - the top level group names are not required. Note: Only location names that have YES in the "Sellable" column are valid.

Step 7: Navigate to Treez setup in the budboard Control App and enter the values you saved earlier

Go to the budboard Control App, log in, and navigate to Treez setup by navigating to Settings (gear icon in the top right of the navigation bar) > Integrations. In the Point of Sale Integration section, click "Connect to a point of sale."

Select Treez from the list of integration partners and click "Next Step":

Enter the API Key and URL Slug from Steps 4 and 5 into their respective fields and click Next Step:

Enter the Location Names you obtained in Step 6 in their respective location fields, and click Connect to Treez:

The system will now connect to Treez.

And that's it!

That's all you need to do to set up your Treez integration! Read on for a few important notes about how the Treez integration works.

A few important notes about the budboard Treez integration

  • Your products may occasionally be out of sync due to a myriad of tech factors - if this happens, simply click the Refresh Products button available throughout the budboard Control App to pull fresh data from Treez.
  • The budboard Chromagraph, in most cases, will not automatically populate from Treez due to incompatibility with the way Treez stores terpene data. In this case, the budboard Chromagraph must be populated manually by opening the product's details and adding lab results using the terpene form in budboard.

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