Published on:
June 15, 2018
Last updated on:
June 15, 2018

Add Products to the Active Menu

Learn how to add products to your active menu

Let's make some items show

Adding products to the active menu is super quick and easy with budboard.

Baker integration customers: This article does not pertain to customers using the Baker integration - the Baker integration automates this process.

Step One: Make sure you have some products in your budboard database

We need some products in order to populate a menu! If you have products in your database already, perfect - if not, check this article out for tips on how to add products to your database.

Step Two: Add your product to the menu

From the Products screen, find the product you would like to add to the menu.

Add by clicking the "Add to Menu" button in the list view on the product you're trying to add to the menu:


Your product is now on the active menu and is displaying as available on your in-store screens, website integration, and will be present on your next print menu run. These changes happen immediately with no wait time for updating.

Removing Products from the Active Menu

There are two ways to remove a product from the active menu.

The first way is the opposite of the "Add to menu" step listed above.

The second way is to click in to a product from Today's Menu and click "remove from menu":

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