Published on:
October 15, 2019
Last updated on:
October 15, 2019

Add Products to Your Database

Learn how to add products to your budboard database

Everything here depends on products

Adding products to your budboard product database is super easy! And, once you've added your products, they'll always be available to add to the menu in one click. Log in to the budboard Control App and we'll go through it.

Note: Baker integration users will not need to manually add products to the database; Baker synchronization will handle all of the steps below automatically. Feel free to ignore this article if your Baker account is connected to budboard.

Step One: Navigate to your product library in the control app

Step Two: Click "Add Product"

This will open a New Product form.

Step Three: Follow the steps to create your new product

Follow the steps, filling out the form with all of your product's data. Be sure to choose the correct category for the product so that your menu categorization works properly and doesn't confuse your customers.

Not all data is required, but we highly recommend populating with as much data as possible - your customers need it!

Side notes:

  • If you're having trouble deciding what this product may be good for, we recommend waiting to populate this data until you have customer feedback. Effects and terpenes are not required data, but greatly help your customers - you can't use the Chromagraph without it!
  • Exact terpene ratios for each product are recommended, but don't feel pressured to go all or nothing - feel free to use basic ratios based on product labels or other data. Some information is better than none!

Step Four: Finalize and save your product - you're done!

Review the product preview and make sure everything looks good. If you need to make changes, go ahead and navigate back through the form using the back and forward arrows at the bottom of the screen.

Once everything is good, hit Save to Library.

Woo! Your new product is in the database. Now you can add it to the menu anytime you need.

That's it! Nice and easy.

This product is now available in budboard forever, until you delete it. Come back and make modifications as new batches come in, add and remove this product from the active menu in one click, or mark it sold out without removing it, all in the budboard Control App.

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