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Spring Update 2020: budboard Version 2.0

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April 1, 2021
Brett Schuster

budboard Version 2.0 is here!

budboard Version 2.0 is here! We've worked very hard on this update for you guys, and its been an absolute blast. Version 2.0 brings vast user experience upgrades, new features, and an all-around better experience for our customers.

We've taken your feedback and translated it into a final product - budboard Version 2.0. We cleaned up a lot of small user experience issues (and some big ones), added new functionality, and, quite possibly the biggest update of them all, released the new product forms and the budboard Chromagraph™.

Let's dive into what all has changed in this update!

budboard Version 2.0 Changelog

Updates to Existing Features:

  • We have updated our product form and product creation process. In addition to visual design updates, we have re-organized the product form to streamline the product creation and editing process. We are also making a big change to how terpenes and felt effects are input into the budboard control app, allowing you to show even more accurate and impactful information to your customers. Learn about the new product creation process here.
  • Control App Navigation: We have changed 'Today's Menu' to 'Active Menu', and 'Products' to 'Library'. These labels more accurately communicate what the tabs are for. We have also replaced the 'Settings' tab label with a gear icon. Don't worry, all your menu settings are still in the same place.
  • Logos: We actually did this one a while ago, but you now have the ability to add two different versions of your dispensary's logo - one optimized for dark backgrounds, and one optimized for light backgrounds. We decide which logo is best to use in certain contexts so your logo appears properly in all contexts - no more disappearing logos on print menus. Check it out under the 'Dispensary Details' section of the settings tab.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements: We've cleaned up both our Control App and our menu application for a better experience and greater stability all around. Confirmation feedback was added to the Control App, so you'll never be left wondering whether or not the change you made actually took place. We also changed the way the product editing form opens, so you won't get lost when editing products.

New features:

  • The budboard Chromagraph™: In addition to our new terpene input method, we have a new way to display the terpene content of your products to your customers - the budboard Chromagraph™. The Chromagraph™ displays the terpene ratios of your product in a visually pleasing and recognizable way. Over time, your customers will learn which color profiles they prefer and can use this information to quickly select products they'll love. Learn more about the Chromagraph™ and why we built it here. Learn how to transition to the Chromagraph here.
  • Felt Effects: We have added the ability to add a number of 'felt effects' like Euphoric, Giggly, Uplifted and more to your products in addition to the strictly medical effects we supported before. Check it out in our new product form!
  • Sales Functionality: Our old system of setting up sales was not the best, so we made a new one! We've added a new tab at the top of the control app labeled 'Sales'. Here you will be able to set up toggle-able or scheduled sales on specific products or entire categories. Have a 'Munchy Monday' Edibles sale every week? Set it and forget it - your sales will automatically show up on your boards. We also added a new tag letting your customers know that a product is on sale. Learn all about the new Sales functionality here.
  • Product Highlights: You can now tag your product with tags like 'Highly Rated' and 'Best Seller' to highlight your best products. Select these under the 'Detailed Info' tab of our new product form to add this tag to a product on your menu. We are planning on expanding this functionality further in the future - keep an eye out! Learn how to use Product Highlights here.
  • Product Preview: You can now see a preview of what your product will look like on your menu boards when you create or edit the product. You will see this preview before saving new products, and you can always check it out under the 'Preview' tab of our new product form.
  • Vertical Views: Got vertical screens in your stores? Thinking about possibly switching to vertical screens in the future? Good news! budboard now supports vertical screens. All currently available layouts are now available in vertical orientations.
  • Accessories Category and Slides: Add your water pipes, grinders, assortment of papers, dispensary swag and all sorts of other cool stuff besides cannabis products to your menus. Accessories category and layout slides are now available.

Bug fixes:

  • Product Sort: We fixed an issue where the menu board sorting was sometimes not working correctly. Please feel free to report any bugs or issues to us via our support page - www.budboard.co/support - or give us a call! Our number can also be found on our website.

Your feedback drives everything we do here at budboard - we appreciate your patience with us while we worked to bring this update to you!

Improving our product never stops, and we're already working on the next update slated to release before the start of Summer 2020. Our next update will include Bulletins, new themes and layouts, and a few other tools that'll make your budboard experience even better. Keep an eye out!

In the meantime (and anytime, really), if you have any thoughts about how budboard could be improved, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and let us know - we love to hear from our customers! Drop us a line at hello@budboard.co with any ideas you'd like to see us implement.

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